Filming & Editing

Putting all the pieces together, so your video works its best

From the big to the small, all videos need to be edited together to get the best out of your footage. So if you’ve shot a short, but don’t know just quite how to pull it all together, or have footage that you want to convert into a film but have no idea how, then worry not. Our ground breaking video editing staff thrive on piecing together your projects.

Your one stop production facility for all your video & multimedia production needs.

Location filming | Editing | Scriptwriting | Voice over recording | Graphics & Animation | File conversions | Tape to digital transfers | Cinema DCPs | Standards Conversion | DAM Website Services | DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring | Web Clips

Our work ranges from corporate documentaries, training films, & product release to TV series & TV commercials. Our facilities include the latest editing systems, high end HD cameras & our studio is conveniently located in Lagos and Ekiti State.

Telling your story, beginning, middle and end

Even when you’re editing the simplest corporate video footage, it’s all about understanding the narrative. You need to have a firm grasp of the story you want to tell, and piecing it together in the right way is of paramount importance to the finished product. Our editors don’t just make sure everything’s in the right order though, they’re master storytellers and know how to pace your video so that the viewers are hanging on your every word.

Masters of their craft

Our editors are well versed in the technical arts of Avid and After Effects, Blender and Final Cut. They spend their days in the darkened edit suite, surfacing every now and then for a bite to eat before diving back into their work. Their eagle eyes see in double time and they know just when to cut – they have a sixth sense for scene transition and they know how to get the most emotion from your motion picture. It’s a true talent.

Sound quality and compression

Whether you want to upload your film to one of the many popular video hosting sites, ready it for broadcast, film screenings, or whatever else you may have in mind, our editors will make sure that your sound quality is in tune, the compression is on point and any additions such as closed captioning, title sequences or credits are checked through and ready to roll.

Great for you

The best example we have to demonstrate our video editing skills is our own show reel – that’s what it’s for, after all! We’ve spent a lot of time ensuring this video demonstrates the post-production ability of our company.

Take a look at the transitions, listen out for the sound effects and check out the colour grade! If you like what you see, then get in touch and let our editors get their hands on your footage.